What we do

As systems administrators and all-around IT nerds in the real world, we offer a unique view of the IT industry that you can only get with constant real-world experiences in IT. As content creators wearing writer, video editor, journalist, podcaster and many other hats, we possess the skill sets necessary to put these views to paper (or a keyboard, more specifically). As social media nerds, we know where to put these views.

We’ve built our company on conveying honest, relevant and beneficial messaging to the IT industry through videos, blogs, whitepapers and reviews alongside working with our clients and the IT community to find the common ground for everyone. What brought eGeek together originally was a growing demand for a growing array of mutual skills that founders Trevor, Katherine and Josh had to offer. In the three years we’ve been at this, we’ve adapted our skill sets and expanded our knowledge in ways that were not possible if we had not come together as a team, and then expanded it both in terms of raw manpower and skills.

The primary focus of our company is content creation. With years of experience as journalists, bloggers, whitepaper writers, product reviewers and even esports commentators, we are trained and equipped to create nearly any form of digital marketing content short of a pilot for a sitcom based on you and your colleagues’ office antics (actually, we could do that too.) We can most surely assist with:

• Blogs, articles and product reviews
• Whitepapers and strategic analysis
• Narrated tutorial/promotional videos and conference slideshows
• WebEx Demos, podcasts and live/digital event production


Computers, content, and marketing; eGeek makes the improbable easy.


Footnote: Bare with us as we update our website! We’re in the process of gathering our extant content and always working on more.

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