What we do

eGeek is an Edmonton, Alberta based IT consultancy specializing in systems administration, content generation and internet presence management. We work one on one with our customers to provide custom-tailored solutions to any computer or internet related problem.

If you have a computer that needs fixing, we can fix that.  If you’re having network troubles, we can solve them.  Need a website or a custom-designed computer program?  We’ve got people for that too.

We don’t just worry about the digital plumbing; the internet can be a vast and confusing place.  We’ll help you navigate it and keep you on track.  Looking to take advantage of online advertising, social media or make “an app for that?”  We’d be happy to help.

We also have experienced writers on staff.  We’ll help you create content for your company blog, promotional material, and website.

We don’t believe in pre-packed tiered service contracts or complicated hourly service arrangements. Each business is unique, and so too must their creative and IT solutions be. View our price menu here to get a better idea of how we can help and contact us to find the best solution to your problem.

Whatever your company’s goals, if they involve a computer or the internet then eGeek can help.  No company can deliver on such promise alone; when eGeek lacks the in house skills to solve a problem, we turn to our excellent business partners to fill the gaps.

Computers, content, and corporate presence; eGeek makes the improbable easy.

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