Multimedia Content


Common video content includes training videos, product overviews and demos. This typically involves screenshots and/or real-world video footage of the product or service the video is being created for; and requires research, scripting, recording and post processing. eGeek can provide a quote in advance, however, multimedia work is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Get Deep Visibility Into Your Environment with Stratusphere
Setting an ioSafe 214 on FIRE
Taking 3CX 'softphones' on the road
Intro to Quaddra Storage Insight
SimpliVity Data Efficiency Explainer
Finding Datastore Space Savings with CloudPhysics Thin Provisioning Advisor
VMworld 2014 - Interview with LoginVSI's CEO Eric-Jan van Leeuwen
VMworld 2014 - Interview with LoginVSI's CTO Jeroen van de Kamp
Man on the Street - VMworld 2015
CloudPhysics - Storage Performance Analysis
Proximal Data - AutoCache HyperV Installation
Better User Environment Management with ProfileUnity
Caringo Swarm: Storage that Shatters Complexity

  • Informative/Tutorial Videos
    Demo/walkthrough videos require 2-3 days to prepare a script and have it edited, and another 2-3 days for recording, editing and any additional changes that may be required. Average delivery time is two weeks, depending on the technical depth and production work required for the project.
  • Review/Promotional Videos
    Review/promotional videos are marketing-oriented and designed to highlight your product and its features. Contains a combination of live-action, animated and screen captured footage. Delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks for research and testing, creating and editing a storyboard, sourcing a location, any filming and voice recording, editing and any additional changes that may be required.

*Typically accompanied by a review article or blog series.

Live & Recorded Media

Webinar - Make Your Enterprise Storage DevOps Ready
Vulturization Podcast: Who'd be a sysadmin today?
Webinar - Clone Wars II: Return of the Clones

  • Roundtable Podcast
    Includes organizing, setup & testing, recording and post-processing. Podcasts are typically 30-60 minutes long with another 2-4 hours of behind-the-scenes work for a publishable podcast.
  • Webex Demos
    Includes initial advertisement (blogs/social media) targeted at IT pros, infographic design, Webex setup, a rehearsal run, running and recording the event itself and post processing for a publishable video.

*We can provide a quote for expected labour in advance, however invoicing is handled on a case-by-case basis.


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