Multimedia Content


Common video content includes training videos, product overviews and demos. This typically involves screenshots and/or real-world video footage of the product or service the video is being created for; and requires research, scripting, recording and post processing. eGeek can provide a quote in advance, however, multimedia work is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Taking 3CX 'softphones' on the road
Intro to Quaddra Storage Insight
SimpliVity Data Efficiency Explainer
Finding Datastore Space Savings with CloudPhysics Thin Provisioning Advisor
VMworld 2014 - Interview with LoginVSI's CEO Eric-Jan van Leeuwen
VMworld 2014 - Interview with LoginVSI's CTO Jeroen van de Kamp
Man on the Street - VMworld 2015
CloudPhysics - Storage Performance Analysis
Proximal Data - AutoCache HyperV Installation
Better User Environment Management with ProfileUnity
Caringo Swarm: Storage that Shatters Complexity
Get Deep Visibility Into Your Environment with Stratusphere
Setting an ioSafe 214 on FIRE

  • Informative/Tutorial Videos
    Demo/walkthrough videos require 2-3 days to prepare a script and have it edited, and another 2-3 days for recording, editing and any additional changes that may be required. Average delivery time is two weeks, depending on the technical depth and production work required for the project.
  • Review/Promotional Videos
    Review/promotional videos are marketing-oriented and designed to highlight your product and its features. Contains a combination of live-action, animated and screen captured footage. Delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks for research and testing, creating and editing a storyboard, sourcing a location, any filming and voice recording, editing and any additional changes that may be required.

*Typically accompanied by a review article or blog series.

Live & Recorded Media

Vulturization Podcast: Who'd be a sysadmin today?
Webinar - Clone Wars II: Return of the Clones
Webinar - Make Your Enterprise Storage DevOps Ready

  • Roundtable Podcast
    Includes organizing, setup & testing, recording and post-processing. Podcasts are typically 30-60 minutes long with another 2-4 hours of behind-the-scenes work for a publishable podcast.
  • Webex Demos
    Includes initial advertisement (blogs/social media) targeted at IT pros, infographic design, Webex setup, a rehearsal run, running and recording the event itself and post processing for a publishable video.

*We can provide a quote for expected labour in advance, however invoicing is handled on a case-by-case basis.


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