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eGeek covers a wide variety of topics – the only thing that truly ties them all together is the broad scope of “technology.” We primarily focus on what makes IT tick – be it software, hardware, or its underlying architectures – but we also branch into culture and the implications of IT as well. Below you’ll find an assortment of our works.

Written Content

Microsoft Azure – or how to make the public cloud work for you
I, for one, welcome the rise of the Infrastructure Endgame Machines
Hyperconvergence? I believe – just not like this
Welcome to the fast-moving world of flash connectors
Scale Computing: Not for enterprise, but that's all part of the plan
Network Defense Basics: Want to defend your network? Profile the person attacking it
What's holding up Canada's internet?
SimpliVity Deep Dive: This storage startup dedupes what to do what? How?
ioFABRIC: Data Residency Made Easy
The Register guide to software-defined infrastructure
VMworld 2016: What happens in Vegas ... could be just a desert trip
ANONYMOUS: Behind the mask, inside the Hivemind
NVMe SSDs tormented for months in some kind of sick review game
Red-faced, sweating and still in your chair: Welcome to eSports
VMware: We're gonna patent hot-swapping your VMs' host OS
Do-It-Yourself Storage Startup
Keep up the pressure on the telcos, Canada
When is a refurbished server not refurbished? Ask this Dell reseller
Put storage inside the individual hosts of a virtual cluster? You're CRAZY... Like a fox
TrueNAS Review: Open-source storage that doesn't suck? Trevor tries to break TrueNAS
Trevor pops the hood on Intel's v4 engine: Broadwell Xeons
Ransomware: Coming to a Hypervisor Near You
ioSafe BDR 515 Review
Hypervisors and Microvisors: A Primer
Copy Data Management: What it is and why you might need it
The internet just BROKE under its own weight – we explain how

Multimedia Content

Intro to Quaddra Storage Insight
SimpliVity Data Efficiency Explainer
Finding Datastore Space Savings with CloudPhysics Thin Provisioning Advisor
VMworld 2014 - Interview with LoginVSI's CEO Eric-Jan van Leeuwen
VMworld 2014 - Interview with LoginVSI's CTO Jeroen van de Kamp
Man on the Street - VMworld 2015
CloudPhysics - Storage Performance Analysis
Proximal Data - AutoCache HyperV Installation
Better User Environment Management with ProfileUnity
Caringo Swarm: Storage that Shatters Complexity
Get Deep Visibility Into Your Environment with Stratusphere
Setting an ioSafe 214 on FIRE
Taking 3CX 'softphones' on the road

  Live Media

Vulturization Podcast: Who'd be a sysadmin today?
Webinar - Clone Wars II: Return of the Clones
Webinar - Make Your Enterprise Storage DevOps Ready