What is eGeek Consulting?

As systems administrators and all-around IT nerds in the real world, we offer a unique view of the IT industry that you can only get with constant real-world experiences in IT. As content creators wearing writer, video editor, journalist, podcaster and many other hats, we possess the skill sets necessary to put these views to paper (or a keyboard, more specifically). As social media nerds, we know where to put these views.

We’ve built our company on conveying honest, relevant and beneficial messaging to the IT industry through videos, blogs, whitepapers and reviews alongside working with our clients and the IT community to find the common ground for everyone. What brought eGeek together originally was a growing demand for a growing array of mutual skills that founders Trevor, Katherine and Josh had to offer. In the four years we’ve been at this, we’ve adapted our skill sets and expanded our knowledge in ways that were not possible if we had not come together as a team, and then expanded it both in terms of raw manpower and skills.

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What we do

The primary focus of our company is content creation. With years of experience as journalists, bloggers, whitepaper writers, product reviewers and even esports commentators, we are trained and equipped to create nearly any form of digital marketing content short of a pilot for a sitcom based on you and your colleagues’ office antics (actually, we could do that too.) We can most surely assist with:

• Blogs, articles and product reviews
• Whitepapers and strategic analysis
• Narrated tutorial/promotional videos and conference slideshows for your product
• WebEx Demos, podcasts and live/digital event production & broadcasting


Computers, content, and marketing; eGeek makes the improbable easy.


Who we are

eGeek is a specialist IT consultancy operating in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Trevor Pott, Systems Administrator:

eTrevor PottGeek’s president and resident Brain-in-a-Jar™, Trevor is an established writer.  He currently pens a weekly column for The Register; one of the world’s largest online science and technology magazines, with a verified monthly readership of over 7.2 million people worldwide.  In addition to his weekly column, Trevor does “deep dive” technical reviews as well as interviews with technologists from around the world. He also writes how-to articles for petri.co.il.

He is also an accomplished technologist with over 15 years experience in information technology in roles ranging from systems administrator to project manager to CTO. Trevor has a talent for innovative solutions and orthogonal thinking. Trevor’s unique approach to solving problems has earned him a reputation as someone who can get nearly anything done, so long as it involves a computer.

Josh Folland, Digital Media Producer:

Josh FollandJosh is eGeek’s content manager. Within the burgeoning esports market, his internet handle “prodiG” is a colour commentator, shoutcaster, writer and interviewer with years of experience in video post production and internet marketing. He understands internet culture and marketing as only a digital native can; his shoutcasting has provided solid experience in content preparation and presentation for a digital audience.

Live and animated content is his specialty; if your company needs a video made, he’s your man. His voice has been praised for its  made-for-radio qualities, and he’s got a knack for combining his natural talents with industry knowledge to create valuable and beneficial content for the community.

Katherine Gorham, Content Creator:

Katherine Gorham

Katherine is eGeek’s creative director.  An actress by trade, she is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting as well as the holder of a drama diploma from Keyano college.  Her professional experience is quite varied; her acting has been supplemented by a strong interest in the technical and production aspects of other arts.  She has taken videography courses from FAVA as well as written, produced and directed her own play at the Edmonton Fringe festival.  She is also gaining a reputation as a copy and technical writer of some skill.

Katherine has written everything from 140 character tweets to a full-length adaptation of Dracula for the stage. Over the years at a variety of jobs, she has created product descriptions, advertising copy, museum tours, educational presentations, performance pieces, memos, how-tos, FAQs, and corporate Facebook posts. If you need a new website, brochure, training manual, blog post, or anything else involving the written word, Katherine can help.

Getting Started

We’re eager to bring your company’s product or service into the spotlight. On our site, you’ll find a general breakdown of the different kinds of content we offer. If you’re not sure what suits your product or service best, we can pitch a few ideas. If your marketing department has a clearly defined messaging structure you’d like us to follow, we’d be happy to oblige – and if not, we can help you create one. For access to our price menu, we ask that you contact us directly.

The first step for any engagement is always research. We need to know what it is your product or service aims to do and how it works. Any assistance your company can provide to fill us in – whether that be product briefings, licenses, meetings or extant content – is hugely time-saving. In order to best represent your product(s), we prefer to take the time to become bonafide experts before talking openly about them.

Drop us a line and we’ll set up some meeting time ASAP!