Live Streaming Solutions for eSports

This article was originally written by Josh Folland in April 2012. One of my passions is eSports. As an eSports fanatic, my journey has taken me to the world of commentary . One of the skills that is incredibly useful to have in the world of eSports commentary is a working knowledge of how to … Read more

Internet: Do you speak it?

Get searchable, get on Facebook – or lose your customers This article was first published by The Register on February 24, 2012. The original can be found here. Today I wanted to buy a metal business card case I could carry around in my pocket. I asked Google Maps politely if it knew where in … Read more

On the Relevance of Social Media

This was originally posted in slightly altered form on, in response to comments made on The Register for an article written for that publication. A copy of the original article is posted in Tech Blog under the title Internet: Do you speak it? First: let’s admit that there does not exist primary science that … Read more

BYOD: Manage the Band, not the Box

This post was originally published in a longer form on on April 7,2012.   I have recently been involved in an interesting debate focused on the concept of “bring your own device” computing (BYOD).  I argue that no company will go out of business implementing BYOD, while others argue strenuously against the entire concept … Read more

A Simple Spam Server

This was originally published on, August 29, 2010. “Simple” is a relative term; this how-to is intended for readers with a reasonable working knowledge of Linux.   I can’t afford a really pricy third-party spam filtering option.  GFI, Symantec, even Microsoft offer up some pretty robust solutions.  They are pricy though, and I don’t … Read more

Microsoft and the Midmarket

This post was originally published in a slightly altered version on, October 1, 2012.   Microsoft’s licensing is a problem. For a company that makes its bread and butter on the midmarket, they sure can seem hostile to those of us who live and work in this arena.  Indeed, Microsoft’s licensing compares more accurately to … Read more

Choosing office and communications productivity suites

Every company needs an office suite; some grouping of applications that allow for document creation.  Frequently, these office suite are directly integrated into communications suites.  Combined, these applications form a productivity suite. Frequent document types created are word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.  Most of the world will know these as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.  … Read more